Who is Bart Reijven? Characterized by his tall stature, wide grin and pompadour haircut, he is known as a down-to-earth, open and driven guy. A fan of people, the digital domain and yes, getting things done. Always looking for improvement and learning. Pragmatist. Straight forward, wherever possible or necessary. Optimistic and calculated naive. Likes to build bridges based on trust, integrity and respect.

With more than 10 years of experience, he has already investigated and improved many topics, tools and processes from a commercial and technological perspective. In both B2C and B2B he has fulfilled roles as project manager, online marketer, product owner / manager and e-commerce team leader. At home he is happy with my wife Maj-Britt and two kids, Liv and Sam. In addition to the weekend and evenings, he can enjoy these rascals during his weekly “daddy day”. An important factor that balances work and private life for him.

Music is another great passion. As a drummer for Wigg, he can be found regularly on the stage, both locally and regionally. He also writes music and likes to visit festivals and concerts.


This blog is all about Bart’s interest in leadership, product management, e-commerce and user experience. He highlights the latest trends and developments in a down-to-earth and practical way. In addition, he takes you on a journey of discovery, in search of ultimate happiness at work.

Have fun reading! Are you enthusiastic, or do you have ideas, suggestions or comments? Feel free to get in touch or connect via social media.